S2 Consulting is a professional consulting company located in Toronto. It has an experienced team consisting of career planning, real estate advisory, and financial advisory. For over a decade, the team has delivered the highest quality and comprehensive services to its clients who are newcomers to Canada, and who rely on us to solve their problems and make the best decision each step of the way.

The HR team has successfully helped thousands of immigrants and international students find jobs that they enjoy and qualify for immigration application. Its experienced real estate agents advised many of our customers invest in properties at high return rates. The financial team provided consultation to customers based on the latest market data and help them select investment products that are best suit their needs and financial profiles.


My Immigration Experience after Graduating from College

Things that international students should pay attention to, such as health card, EI benefits and job change. One of our clients shares his experience. 
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Human Resource

Seeking the next Career, Charting a New Course

Seeking the next Career, Charting a New Course. Knowing your own strength and weaknesses. Be patient and be prepared.
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S2 Consulting provides comprehensive professional consultations on Human Resources, Study and Immigration, Financial Investment, and Real Estate Investment.
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